About Ayush Agro Farms

We are a group of passionate farmers, growing hens in a traditional backyard method with a mission to provide 100% natural & healthy eggs and chicken meat. Our Hens are humanely raised and naturally fed to lay healthier and tastier eggs enriched with organic vitamins and minerals.

We believe that happier and healthier life of hens would result in healthier and tastier eggs. Unlike modern poultry systems, where chicken and egg production comes from battery caged hens, which live their entire life without any scope to fully stretch their limbs or spread their wings. we raise our hens in a freerange Environment

They have places to perch and roost and have the opportunity to dust bathe and sun bathe

Our birds can walk, run and fly. They are free to grow naturally in small flocks

Our Birds are Free to forage naturally on nutritious green pasture in clean fresh air